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Clinical solutions — Fall reduction

Our program includes a 30% guaranteed reduction in patient falls.

Patient falls resulting in serious injury are considered “never events” and despite facility intervention efforts, falls continue to occur.

It is estimated that an average 30% of patient falls result in an injury, increasing the patient length of stay by 6.3 days with an associated cost of an average $6,694 per fall.1,2,3

Recent compliance regulations, as outlined by the Joint Commission’s Patient Safety Goals and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) guidelines, have created increased urgency for the prevention of patient and resident falls.4,5

Arjo Diligent Clinical Consultants will partner with you to:

  • Implement evidence based best practices for fall reduction
  • Safely mobilize your patients while keeping caregivers safe
  • Assist with proper assessment and training on Safe Patient Handling and Mobility tools

Support Services

  • Conduct a complete facility assessment
  • Program review and design to identify key stakeholders and roles and responsibilities
  • On-site training support for “Fall Prevention Specialists Team” and staff members
  • Ongoing 36 month on-site consultancy support

Resources and Tools

  • Review of your facility’s fall patient assessment
  • Review and consult on modifiable risk factors, rehabilitative and environmental interventions
  • Customized patient rounding and reports
  • Consult on root cause analysis and action best practices


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